Bergamot & Ginger - Perfect Candle Tin
Bergamot & Ginger - Perfect Candle Tin
Bergamot & Ginger - Perfect Candle Tin
Bergamot & Ginger - Perfect Candle Tin
Bergamot & Ginger - Perfect Candle Tin

Bergamot & Ginger - Perfect Candle Tin

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Bergamot & Ginger - Perfect Candle Tin

  • A lively citrus fragrance with bergamot, lemon, aldehydes, crisp ginger, verbena and gentle floral notes.
  • Hand poured with 100% Paraffin-free Wax 
  • 40+ Hours of beautiful burn time
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Brushed Silver Tin with Lid
  • Delivery £3.95 / Free with Click & Collect

A stunning piece of candle perfection - Enjoy luxuriously long burning times of over 40 hours with this hand crafted candle masterpiece. Experience a premium candle that burns brilliantly and fragrances perfectly throughout. The signature candle looks stunning with it's white gloss appearance, and makes the perfect fragrance centerpiece in your home. 

Every Urban Candle is individually hand crafted at our factory in Newcastle upon Tyne, using natural soy wax, premium cotton-core wicks and the highest quality fragrance oils. We guarantee every candle burns brilliantly and fragrances perfectly.

By far, one of best selling products, and most definitely a customer favourite!

Soy Wax is a natural, clean-burning wax that lasts up to 50% longer than traditional paraffin products! A paraffin candle typically emits lots of black smoke and flickering, resulting in a container that's black (and often your walls!)

Soy Wax doesn't emit black smoke, as it's a natural product, free from paraffin and petroleum. It burns much slower, much cleaner (so no black soot!) is eco friendly, and above all, fragrances much better.

You're guaranteed a far superior candle and fragrance experience with Soy Wax, which is why our products are manufactured using only 100% natural soy wax - No additives, stabilizers or dyes, simply wax, fragrance oil and a cotton core wick! 

Follow these two simple tips for a perfect burning Urban Candle

The Full Burn - The first time you light this product, ensure you give it enough time (generally 2 hours) to achieve a full burn pool (where the whole top layer of the candle is melted) This means the candle will burn out rather than down, giving you a much cleaner and longer lasting candle.

Trim the Wick - We've trimmed the wick to the perfect length, however remember to trim the wick before you re-light - Simply nip the top of each wick and remove any excess - This will ensure your candle doesn't flicker, emit black smoke and fragrances perfectly.  



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