Urban Socials

Updated information on the August & September Urban Social


Urban Social Activity: August & September 2018

Hostess Incentive: Hostess receives 25% OFF their personal order + a complimentary travel candle gift bag set which contains 3 x 25 hour candles (fragrances pre-selected)

How to claim: Put your party orders through together (if possible) excluding the hostess order. Place the hostess order separate in the normal way, and use code: HOSTESS25 which will take off 25%

To calculate the price they need to pay you, simply take 25% off the recommended selling prices.You will still make your 25% margin on the hostess order. We will know this is the hostess order, and the free gift bag will be included with the order. 

Your Incentive: For every Urban Social that you host throughout August and September that generates over £150 in CCP sales, you will receive a free signature candle in the fragrance of your choice - this could be used as an incentive for future socials, or simply to enjoy yourself.