The Urban Rewards Club

The Urban Rewards Club - Earn rewards with every purchase!
New for 2019, our Rewards Club gives you points with every purchase. Collect your points when you purchase online or instore and enjoy the benefits with money off vouchers, complimentary delivery and free products! Simple.
Do I need to register for Urban Rewards? 
No! It's all done for you! If you have an account with us there's no need to register - you've been automatically enrolled in our rewards programme. If you don't have an account, click on the black "Urban Rewards" tab at the bottom left of your device, create an account and you're all set! 
To see your rewards balance, redeem your offers or invite a friend, simply click on the "Urban Rewards" tab each time you visit our website - you'll need to be logged into your account. 
 How do I earn Reward Points?
It's very simple - You'll earn reward points automatically every time you place an order with us online, in store or at event (providing you have an urban candle account on our system) In addition to that, you'll earn extra points by referring a friend to us! It's all very simple, automatic and designed to reward you for being a loyal customer! 
 How do I redeem my reward points?
Log into your website account, and click on the "Urban Rewards" tab at the bottom left of your device. It will automatically show you your up to date points balance, and what offers or discounts you can choose to redeem. Simply click "Redeem" and you'll see your unique code to enter at checkout. If you forget your code don't worry, you can go back to the Urban Rewards tab and your code will have been saved and visible next to the reward that you chose. 
 I have a question or need technical support with Urban Rewards
For Rewards Club Enquiries, Support or Technical Assistance
email: or LiveChat with us!