The Compensation Plan

As an Urban Candle Consultant, it’s our goal to help you drive your business to achieve a minimum annual sales goal of £3,000 – The “250 Consultant” status, which gives you access to lots of brilliant benefits and tools to help you drive and grow your business. But don't worry, there's absolutely no pressure to do this - we just want to help you grow your business at your pace.  

Think of it this way…

£250 per month

£62.50 per week

£8.92 per day

Doesn’t sound much does it? – If you achieve that, you’ll make £750 profit yourself. Double that, and you’ve got £1,500. Triple that and you’ve got £2,250 in your pocket - more than enough for a lovely family holiday! There’s no cap, so you can take your business as far as you want to…

There's lots of support and guidance, with dedicated people to help you grow your business your way. Whether you're looking to simply supplement your existing income, or looking for a serious opportunity, we're here to support, guide and help you achieve it. 

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The Earnings Structure:

The Independent Consultant Stages:

 Your Urban Journey:


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