Maxi Light Candles

 Maxi Light Candles – Our beautiful Maxi Light Candles are like extra large tea-light candles, that burn for around 12 hours each. Each maxi light candle is 5.5cm wide by 3cm deep and each tube contains 3 candles, giving a total of 36 hours burn time per pack.
Each candle burns brilliantly and fragrances perfectly. They make the perfect everyday candle meaning you can mix and match to suit your mood. We hand craft our candles using natural, pure soy wax, and highest quality cosmetic grade fragrance oils, that are made in the UK, and non-animal tested, giving our customers a perfect experience every time.
Maxi Lights are available in 3 pack tunes in all our signature fragrances, and we've also just launched our monthly maxi light subscriptions, delivering new and fresh fragrances through your door every month! 
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