The full burn - it's all about the wick!

One thing I constantly get asked is "do your candles burn all the way out" - well, in short the answer is yes, they do! 

So many candles on the market today are quite simply "thrown" together with little care for the quality of the product - The whole purpose of a candle is that it should burn brilliantly, which means right out to the edge of the container.

I bet you've had a candle that just burns down the middle instead of out to the sides? 

It's all about the quality of the products that are used, but most importantly it's all about the wick - as with anything, there are lots and lots of different wicks available to candle manufacturers like ourselves - it's finding the right one that's the hard part. 

We use different sized wicks for all our candles - the same wick we use in our maxi light candles wouldn't work in a signature candle tin - so it's all about the attention to detail. 

If you've had a candle that has simply burnt down and you've been left with lots of wax around the edge then you can be assured that it wasn't "wicked" (as it's known) correctly! 

A top tip when lighting an Urban Candle for the first time is to ensure it gets a "full burn" - by this I mean quite simply, let it burn for long enough so that the whole top (or most of it) is melted - this trains the candle to burn out rather than down the next time you light it! (soy wax has a memory or sorts!)

If the candle is poorly "wicked" then it's never going to burn out fully.

I took a picture of one of our candle tins the other evening - you can see just how well these burn - right out to the side, no black sooting and a great wick - the full burn! 


Hope you found that useful! 


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