Fragrance - a really personal choice

Fragrance - it's really a personal preference - like everything, I like some fragrances more than I like others, but one thing I know that we have got it right at Urban Candle is our fragrance selection - because we sell them all...

When I choose fragrances for our collections I don't just choose necessarily what I like best, I choose based on what I think you our customers will like! We're nearly 4 years into the business now, and I like to think I know what our customers like. We don't choose fragrances based on national trends, and powerpoint presentations from our suppliers, we just regularly try, try and try - and if something catches my attention then i'll add it in!

That's one of the great things about manufacturing all our products ourselves, we can easily add in new and exciting fragrances really quickly, rather than waiting weeks and months for suppliers to incorporate it into their production!  

Of course I don't always get it right... One example is a rather lovely one called Basil & Neroli - I thought it would sell brilliantly - its was just really nice, fresh and burned brilliantly - for some reason it just didn't sell very well - so I am using up the fragrance oil myself! 

One of the hardest things about selling candles online is that customers like to know what the product smells like - it's such a personal preference, and it really is hard to gauge what people's preferences are. We're working on a new fragrance sample service whereby you can order some sample strips free of charge to check you like it before spending your hard earned money on ordering it - We'd hate you to buy something and then not like it! How good is that - so watch out for this new service coming soon. 

We always recommend classics such as Lime Basil & Mandarin or Bamboo & grapefruit if customers are buying a gift, simply because they are some of our best sellers, and are loved by most people - so you'd struggle to go wrong with something like that.

Personally, I'm really loving the "Cucumber & Melon" fragrance that we've got in our summer scent line up - it's just lovely - i've got the diffuser in my bathroom at home, and 5 weeks in you can smell it everytime you walk in. 

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