Candle making with lunch or prosecco?

So today we started to launch details of our summer events - I wanted to do something quite different with our candle making experiences this summer - We've always done them at our factory, but I also thought it would be brilliant to take them out and about in the north east!

We're putting together a busy schedule of different events, some just a classic candle making experience, while others include a delicious lunch at some of the best places in the north east, and some include prosecco and cocktail tasting!

The courses are really great, informal and I run them all myself - people get really involved, and find the whole story of Urban really interesting - people don't necessarily come on the courses becuase they want to start their own candle business, it's mainly becuase they are keen to see what it's all about!

We've got some of the events online now, and will be updating with more in the coming days, so take a look and see if anything catches your eye!


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